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Why speak Japanese? It gives you more options in the job market

  • Career_2

    Japan is the world’s 3rd largest economy (GDP $4.6 trillion in 2014)

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    Japan has invested over $340 billion in America through affiliated companies

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    Over 790,000 employees work for Japan-affiliated companies in the US

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    7 U.S. federal agencies recognize that having Japanese-speaking citizens is important for our country’s future

  • Career_5

    Japan is America’s 4th largest trading partner: Two-way trade of goods and services exceeded $280 billion in 2014

  • career brain

    Language learners are comfortable with other cultures – a sought-after 21st century skill in today’s global market


Learning Japanese connects you globally

  • connect computer

    BBC launched a Japanese site because nearly a million Japanese users visit their English site every month. BuzzFeed's Japanese site is on the way!

  • Circle marty 04

    Check out this video! Famous guitarist and Japanese TV star Marty Friedman talks about how learning Japanese broadened his global perspective.

  • connect twitter

    Japanese people tweet so much they once crashed Twitter worldwide

  • lifestyle dialog bubbles

    Over 450,000 people speak Japanese at home in America

  • connect computer

    Japanese is the 4th most used language on the Internet

  • CONNECT sister

    There are over 185 sister-city affiliations between America and Japan

  • connect mug

    More than 51,000 Americans are living and working in Japan, and more than one million visited Japan in 2015

  • connect man and woman

    The Japanese culture values people-to-people relationships, communities, and teamwork


Learning Japanese inspires creativity

  • DESIGN iphone with border 2

    Simple, compact Japanese design aesthetics inspired Apple’s Steve Jobs when he designed the iPhone

  • Pulitzer WIKIMEDIA

    You can see Japanese minimalist architecture in the design of the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts and the Museum of Modern Art, among many others

  • DESIGN fashion with border

    Japanese fashion is often featured in magazines and has inspired internationally popular artists like Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, and Gwen Stefani

  • DESIGN manga face

    Japanese manga has a distinctive style that influences graphic artists around the world

  • design cat

    The kawaii (cute) design style influences fashion and merchandise the world over

  • design play button

    Check out kawaii Japanese pop idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on Youtube – her music video “Ponponpon” has 90 million views


Learning Japanese gets you direct access to cutting-edge technology

  • innovation car

    Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and other well-known Japanese car companies have more than a third of America’s automobile market share

  • INNOVATION robot photo with border

    Japan is a leader in 21st century industries: energy, medical research, telecommunications, robotics, transportation, and digital imaging

  • innovation microscope

    Twelve Japanese scientists have won Nobel prizes in the sciences in just the past few years

  • innovation robot illustration

    A Japanese research group developed the world’s first android

  • lifestyle light bulb

    Japanese inventors created the Blu-ray Disc, PlayStation, the mechanical pencil, karaoke, and even instant ramen

  • innovation bullet train photo

    The bullet train developed in Japan travels up to 200 mph - and it’s almost always on time!


Learning Japanese exposes you to fun and thoughtful ways to live life

  • lifestyle festival

    Community festivals celebrate seasonal changes: spring cherry blossom picnics, New Year mochi-making, autumn leaf viewing

  • lifestyle recycle graphic

    Japan recycles over 70% of its plastic waste products; you’ll always see three or four different kinds of trash cans

  • LIFESTYLE recycle photo

    Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai used the phrase “Mottai nai!” (Such a waste!) as a slogan for environmental conservation

  • LIFESTYLE School kids cleaning

    Japanese children are taught responsibility for their space – students clean their classrooms, hallways, even school bathrooms

  • connect man and woman

    Learning Japanese aids social awareness: the language’s politeness levels change depending on the social situation

  • LIFESTYLE omotenashi

    Customer service is based on omotenashi, hospitality – and yet the customer is never expected to tip for good service


Learning Japanese is delicious (oishii!)

  • taste star

    More Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants in Tokyo than to restaurants in Paris

  • taste sashimi

    UNESCO added Japanese traditional cuisine washoku to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list

  • taste crab

    There are more than 14,000 Japanese restaurants in the US

  • TASTE Ramen

    Instant ramen was invented by Momofuku Ando in 1958. Last year, Americans consumed more than 4 billion servings

  • innovation microscope

    In addition to sweet, sour, salty, and bitter there’s a fifth basic taste: umami (“savory”), named by a Japanese chemist

  • taste tempura

    Teriyaki, ramen, sushi, sashimi, wasabi, tofu, edamame, tempura, and sake are so popular, the words have become English


Learning Japanese exposes you to a beautiful heritage which contemporary people practice creatively

  • tradition shrine

    Every 20 years since the 7th century A.D., the main shrine hall at Ise Shrine is completely rebuilt with new materials to represent the never-ending renewal of nature

  • TRADITION world heritage

    There are 19 World Heritage sites in Japan

  • tradition judo

    Karate, kendo, aikido, kyudo, and judo are martial arts practiced all over the world

  • tradition temple

    There are countless Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan – people regularly visit them, for cultural and religious reasons

  • tradition kabuki

    Like Shakespeare’s plays, kabuki theatre is performed all over the world in new and innovative ways

  • tradition calligraphy

    Shodo (calligraphy), ikebana (flower arranging) and chado (tea ceremony) develop aesthetic sense and concentration


Learning Japanese immerses you in fantasy

  • WONDER anime girl

    Manga and anime are popular all over the world, and they’re a fun way to study the language!

  • wonder books

    The works of magical realism novelist Haruki Murakami have been translated into 50 languages

  • wonder pokeball

    The Pokémon video game series has sold over 200 million copies (second only to Mario – also Japanese!)

  • taste star

    Hayao Miyazaki’s film “Spirited Away” won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film

  • WONDER genji

    Heian period noblewoman Murasaki Shikibu wrote The Tale of Genji, arguably the oldest novel ever written

  • wonder masks

    Takarazuka musical theater creates its own versions of Western musicals and Japanese stories – and all of the actors are women

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